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During my film studies at the University of Arts Utrecht I did my internship at the documentary department of production company HALAL. I continued to work there to, amongst others, produce the award-winning documentary 'Keeper' by Johan Kramer. With my graduation short film 'Feniks' (director: Laurens Zautsen) we won the Wildcard at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2019. After graduating in 2019 I produced multiple commercials and documentaries, worked as Head of Projects at crowdfunding platform CineCrowd. I am now working as a freelancer on several projects. My most recent project is a co-production with BNNVARA for our short film 'Mannenavond' which will be released in October 2022.

As a creative producer I bring calm to the chaos with a creative eye. With passion, tranquility and ambition to achieve the highest potential I transform ideas into reality.

Want to get in touch? Please feel free to contact me.

About me: Welkom
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